Chemistry of Chocolate and Benefits of Eating it:

The galaxy chocolate bar is not only composed of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It has many nutrients, minerals and compounds that bond together, making it tasty. These minerals and compounds make a man addicted too. There are different types of chocolates. The kind of chocolate is based on the nutrients by which it is manufactured. There are three different types of chocolates. The main ingredient in making a bar of chocolate is milk, Cocoa beans and sugar. White chocolate uses all these three ingredients.

In contrast, dark chocolates are only made with sugar and cocoa beans. Cocoa butter is also used in the making of chocolate. This butter is mainly composed of oleic acid, stearic acid and palmitic acid.

How do the ingredients of chocolate attract the eater?

Chocolate has many bitter ingredients, making it unpleasant to eat. These ingredients are also poisonous to human brains. Sugar is added for the sweetening of these bitter ingredients. So when a person eats chocolate, the brain only focuses on flavors and sweetening elements and ignores the bitter ones. The sweet drink element can be sugar or stevia powder. Some mouth-cooling ingredients are also added to the chocolate, giving the eater a great experience.

Benefits of eating chocolate:

Some of the benefits of eating chocolate are given below;

  • Eating chocolate can result in the reduction of harmful cholesterol levels. The presence of plant sterols and Cacao flavanols, a low-fat diet, in chocolate bars improves the blood pressure and health of the heart by lowering the cholesterol level.
  • The researchers also find out that eating chocolate bars or drinking hot cups of chocolate can result in a healthy brain. By eating chocolates, memory decline also reduces.
  • For pregnant women, chocolate is of great importance. It is fine out by researchers that eating 1 ounce of chocolate daily by a pregnant woman can result in the baby’s proper development and is also beneficial for fetal growth.
  • Eating chocolate is also beneficial for athletes. Dark chocolate contains flavanols which increase the release of nitric oxide in the body. With the significant increase in the release of nitric oxide from the body, the body can do more work with less use of oxygen.
  • Eating chocolate reduces cardiovascular problems. People who eat chocolates are less likely to have heart strokes. Eating chocolates minimizes the risk of heart disease.

How are chocolates manufactured?

The main ingredient for manufacturing the chocolates is cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are refined from the coca. First, the coca is harvested from forests, and then cocoa beans are harvested from it. These cocoa beans are then transported to a chocolate manufacturing plant where cleaning, coaching, and grinding processes produce chocolate. Cocoa is mainly found in Ghana, Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, and Malaysia. Cocoa beans are located in the pods. A pod has a size of a football. When pods ripe, the beans ripe ultimately and then it is harvested. Then the cocoa beans are fermented. The process of fermentation completes in a week. Then the cocoa beans are dried and shipped to the chocolate manufacturing plant. These cocoa beans are heated at the plant site and transferred into chocolate liquor. This liquor is blended with milk, sugar and flavors. This liquor is then transferred to molding areas of the factory, wrapped, and sent to market.



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